Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Iran: Carrots or Sticks

It looks like appeasement is going to be the issue regarding Iran, as far as the United Nations is concerned.

MARGARET BECKETT, the new Foreign Secretary, agreed yesterday to prepare a package of incentives for Iran to curb its nuclear programme. Facing continued opposition from Russia and China to Britain’s call for a UN resolution depriving Iran of the legal right to enrich uranium, Mrs Beckett has ordered the incentive package to be ready by Monday.
John Sawers, the Foreign Office political director, will work with his French and German counterparts to prepare a list of ideas, including access to civil nuclear technology, trade and perhaps even security guarantees. These will be discussed on the margins of the next EU general affairs council.

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In 1935, Adolf Hitler rebuilt the German military and violated the Treaty of Versailles. Appeasement didn't work there.

Now, in 2006, Iran is revealed to have a program that was discovered in 2003 to violate the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and the international community is ready to try appeasement again?

As far as the stick goes, the United States just had to postpone a strong message to Iran.

LAS VEGAS - A non-nuclear explosion expected to generate a mushroom cloud over the Nevada desert will be postponed at least three weeks, while a federal court reviews plans for the blast, test officials said Tuesday.
"The planned Divine Strake experiment will not be conducted earlier than June 23," said Cheri Abdelnour, spokeswoman for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency at Fort Belvoir, Va. The blast was originally scheduled for June 2.
It claims the planned 700-ton ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bomb will kick up radioactive fallout left from nuclear weapons tests conducted from 1951 to 1992 at the Nevada Test Site and irreparably desecrate land that members of the Western Shoshone tribe have never acknowledged turning over to the U.S.
The blast, some 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas, is expected to generate a 10,000-foot mushroom cloud and a shock wave that officials say will probably be felt in Indian Springs, about 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

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Ahmadinejad has shown that he has no respect for diplomacy, and history looks like it is about to repeat itself. One wonders how many lives could have been saved if somebody had stood up to Hitler.

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