Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Cuba sets the tone for new Human Rights Council

And its apparently the same as the old council. Shortly before being elected to the council, Cuban dissident Martha Beatriz Roque was beaten in an incident criticized by U.S. Senators.

U.S. senators Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Bill Nelson of Florida led the charge to introduce a resolution Monday blasting the attack on Roque and demanding that Cuba allow its citizens to exercise their rights. Also listed as co-sponsors are potential presidential candidates Democrat Joseph Biden and Republican John McCain.
''The Senate condemns the brutality of the regime of Fidel Castro toward Martha Beatriz Roque, a 61-year-old woman in frail health,'' the resolution reads. It also says the Senate ``calls on the regime of Cuba to release the hundreds of political prisoners still held today and to stop the intimidation of dissidents and their families.''

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The previous Human Rights council had a number of countries with bad rights records on it. And it looks like the new one will, as well.

The creation of the Human Rights Council is seen as a key component of overall reform of the United Nations.

Kofi Annan says the UN's credibility is at stake. However, the United States was against the council's creation, arguing that it did not go far enough to prevent countries with bad rights records from winning seats.

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Good luck with that credibility thing.

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